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Have you ever looked at your book collection? There might be everything from home design books to romance novels to travel guides. We collect these books because we love to explore new ideas, find comfort in the familiar, and go on amazing adventures! As a creative, I have spent years exploring different creative spaces trying to find the right fit because for some reason I felt like I needed to pick a path. Turns out life doesn't have to be just one path or one genre of book. Being a creative is my thing and that happens to be made up of a variety of projects and skills. This variety keeps my brain dreaming, designing, creating, and my heart wild. Welcome to my collection of creative projects, I am so happy you are here!



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Children's Books

Creative Consultant

Creative Collections

EverWild Collection is a collective brand for both creative services and products I offer.

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Photography has been my main creative pursuit for the past 10 years. I have worked with families, individuals, couples, businesses, organizations, and communities to capture photography moments. I would love to share my years of experience with you to create your photographic story.

Story Edition

Families Couples Friends

Signature Edition

Graduate Sessions Individual Portrait Session

Business Edition

Social Media sessions Marketing Material sessions Branding sessions Headshots

Fall/Winter 2023

Session and Pricing Guide

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Instant booking available when you select "Book Now" on the product page of your choosing in the guide. Click through as is below or enlarge to full screen.

Included in the guide: family sessions, individual portrait sessions/senior sessions, business sessions, and seasonal specials!!

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Click here for my full photography website with portfolios

Photography Website with Portfolios

Print Products

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Notebooks, Planners, and Journals

Wall Art

Cards and Keepsakes

Blank Lined Notebooks

Images below are the cover options available. Click the image to go to the Amazon listing.

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Inside pages

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60 Day Organizers

Images below are the cover options available. Click the image to go to the Amazon listing.

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Inside pages

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Travel Planners

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Example pages

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Have an idea in mind? Reach out for custom notebooks and journals! Great for companies looking a custom notebook for employees, schools, or organizations!

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Notebook Shop

Print Shop Products

From standard 4x6 prints to poster prints to mugs, I have curated a gallery of photographs I have taken from road trips, adventures, and every day living that can be purchased as wall art or keepsake items. Prints make great greeting cards, notecards, fresh wall decor, gifts, or even magnets on your fridge. The gallery can be accessed through my photography webiste at the "Print Shop Gallery" link below. On each photograph you will see an option to buy, there you can find the menu of products you can purchase with the gallery image.

  • Prints
  • Wall Art
  • Keepsakes

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Children's Book Publishing

Below are my current children's book publications. Stories I write have themes around adventure, imagination, silliness, mindfulness, and kindness. My books are self published through Amazon and can be ordered directly through Amazon. Amazon prints and ships each book order. To view the books on Amazon, click the book covers below. I would love to read to your class, group, or local library! Please reach out for inquiries. Happy reading!

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Tales of Topsy Turvy Town

Welcome to Topsy Turvy Town, where life can be backwards, sideways, upside down, and well...topsy turvy!

Join Pip, Bob, and Otto on what they think will be a beach adventure on a beautiful day in their silly town, but their adventure takes an unexpected turn that is...well let's just say, totally out of this world!

Change can be hard but with a little help from heart and mind superpowers these friends can change plans and still have fun! Plus, they might just meet a new friend along the way. Ready to adventure?

Follow the Trail

Hiking with kids is an adventure! With kids, the trail wiggles and wags, and zigs and zags. Sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down and sometimes we go round and round. Follow the trail and explore the different lines and shapes you make when exploring on a nature trail.

This interactive book has little readers tracing lines with their fingers to explore different shapes and lines. There is also a creature friend to look for on all the pages. A great read for outdoor and adventure loving toddlers through early elementary aged children.

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Creative Projects Consultant

I have worked on a variety of creative projects over the years and have many skills to offer any project....even if I haven't done it specifically, odds are I will jump at the chance to try something new! I love brainstorming, problem solving, and challenges. Below is a list of skills I can offer to your next project:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Product Launches
  • Company Events
  • Family Gatherings or Celebrations
  • Hands on work like painting, building, and designing
  • Gift ideas and creation
  • Community Events
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Marketing
  • and more!

I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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For inquiries or questions, please contact me and I would be happy to help!